Get tough on the 17,500 empty Leeds properties, MPs order:

PRIVATE investigators could be employed by Leeds City Council to track down the absent owners of empty properties in the city.

The YEP revealed last month that an astonishing 17,557 Leeds properties were empty and not being used – the highest number of any city outside London.

Leeds council has stressed that a much smaller number of homes (7,500) in the city have been empty for six months or more [note: what it refers to as ‘Long Term Vacant” properties or LTVs]

Now, setting aside the issue of whether 7, 500 is a ‘much smaller number’ than 17,557  (don’t reach for your calculator, it’s about 43%), and also the uncertainty over how accurate this figure actually is (figures obtained by Tiberius last year put the number of LTVs closer to ten thousand and a 25% reduction since then seems highly unlikely) this is still alot of houses.

But thankfully the Leeds council tax payers won’t have to pay for too many private investigators as, in the final line of the piece, the YEP identifies the owners of over half the city’s LTVs:

“Of these, 2,500 are privately owned and 4,000 owned by either the council, housing associations or registered social landlords”

Tiberius is reminded of the film A Scanner Darkly in which (SPOILER ALERT!) the protagonist so badly loses touch with reality that he begins investigating himself for a crime he is unaware is is commiting.

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