Yorkshire Evening Pest!

An alternative, community-written newspaper hit the street of Leeds this week. Called the Yorkshire Evening Pest, it is mistakable in appearance for the YEP but its content is vastly more relevant to the interest of Loiners.

Tackling the economic, housing, and environmental crises and promoting grassroots responses, it blends biting satire with – in places – detailed analyses of the problems this city faces and offering no shortage of inspirational sources where answers may be found.

The Pest is a great sign that there still exists in this city a number of creative people who are both aware of the urgency and complexity of the issues facing the world and – what’s (infinetly) more important – willing to spread their message in a way that is both striking yet entertaining.

Tiberius is also proud to mention that he is quoted in it (on page 3 no less) and gives a hearty “Well done!” to all involved.

Looking forward to the next issue!

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