Policing The Crisis

Tiberius has just found out that the folks at We Won’t Pay For Their Crisis have organised a “Policing The Crisis” event for this Thursday, May 14,  at 7:00pm at The Common Place. It promises to be a “public forum with speakers on the G20 in London, the recent mass arrests in Nottingham, and the policing of dissent in Leeds”.

Police brutality is, of course, not a new phenomenon: Tiberius remembers well the Battle of Hessle Avenue and it appears that, even now, West Yorkshire’s Finest don’t require much of an excuse to set the dogs on someone. However, the utter disdain for the right to peaceful protest represented by the G20 police actions together with the recent Nottingham arrests, indictate a worrying trend and raise questions about how the State will seek to respond to future public unrest (of which we are going to see much in the coming months). It is, therefore,  a good sign that concerned citizens are meeting together to discuss their response; we can only hope that similar meetings are going on around the country.

Tiberius would have liked to attend, but unfortunately the group seem to have an unhappy knack of organising their meetings at the same time as The Whites’ most important home games – and preventing the personal crisis this would provoke in Tiberius Jnr. must take precedence!


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