Cynicus Prognosticus

Just a quick note:

After recent comments, some may be left with the false impression that Tiberius disagrees with a lot of what Cynicus Economicus writes; he doesn’t.

In actuality, the man is Tiberius’ secondary authority on all things economic (and this is no mean feat since Chomsky is Tiberius’ primary authority on pretty much everything.)

An article in last week’s Spectator gives a dramatic justiciation to why Tiberius thinks Cynicus is so good at what he does. After reading it, it may be enlightening to read Cynicus’ (now two-month old) account of why this was probably going to happen. Either the man is psychic, or he has a great understanding of the underlying forces at work.

And, when it comes to explaining those dynamics clearly, lucidly, and in layman’s terms, nobody does it better.



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