The Children’s Crusade

Dear Mr Brown … Leeds 10-year-old writes in disgust over MPs:

A 10-year-old is so outraged by the MPs’ expenses scandal that she has written an angry letter to the Prime Minister.

Kennedy Greenwood told Gordon Brown in her “strongly-worded” letter, left, that she was “appalled” by the behaviour of some MPs.

She said they had committed an “unforgivable crime” and added: “I would strongly recommend for the MPs to pay back every penny.”

Tiberius especially enjoyed this line:

She threatened to write again if the controversy comes up again.

“Fairly Warned Be Thee, Says I!”


Kennedy gets a mention in today’s Mail:

Kennedy, from Guiseley, Leeds is a member of a journalism club at her school, Tranmere Park Primary. Her mother Lynne, 43, said: ‘I was really amazed that at ten she had picked up on it and knew it was seriously wrong.’

Yesterday Mr Brown said he was very grateful for Kennedy’s suggestions and promised to write back.

If only this city had a few more journalists as hard-nosed as Little Miss Greenwood.

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  1. This girl is an idiot as she does not need to pay tax so why is she complaining.

  2. Tiberius is unsure whether the above comment by Mr Unknown was intended as a (poorly-expressed) joke. But, presuming it is not, he writes this following:

    Setting aside the inherent irony in describing any 10 year-old as ‘an idiot’ (and especially one who appears to have a greater grasp of sentence construction than you), the underlying sentiment – that one should not care about anything that does not directly affect them personally – represents an immature egoism that most of us have grown out of by the time we’re, well, ten.

    Besides which, Kimberley’s parents almost certainly do pay some form of tax – which will affect how much they are able to spend on her. And added to this, should Little Miss Greenwood spend any of her pocket-money on, say, chocolate biscuits, she will be paying VAT on that purchase. Given both those facts, I would argue she is more than entitled to express her opinion even if we were to adopt your childish remit for doing so.


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