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Well Tiberius has finally recovered from whatever it was that’s kept him virtually bedridden for the last week, and, for-better-or-worse, he is going to share some of the products of his high-temperature, ibuprofen-addled mind over the last few weeks.

Thursday -after reading Inflation, Deflation and Money on Cynicus Economicus.

“Isn’t part of the confusion many people have over money (at least in English-speaking world) due to the word itself? Not only is it is an abstraction (Money is not a thing – rather it is a relationship between things) it’s also an imprecise one.

In English, “Money” is a “noncount noun”  (like ‘bread’, or ‘water’) as opposed to a “count noun” (like ‘apples’). Because with a count noun the word itself specifies it’s own quantity, you can say “I’d like one apple…two apples…three apples…etc”, but with bread (and money) you have to be a little more precise . In the case of bread, we get around this by separating bread into a count noun “loaves” – but what do we do with ‘money’?

I think part of the problem is that our word is a singular when it should be a plural. Just as Golden Delicious, Granny Smiths, and Fuji are all examples of ‘apples’; shells, gold coins, and bank notes, are all examples of ‘monies’. In a fiat-economy, it is decreed that only one of these monies shall be deemed legitimate, but – like a country who makes a law saying “Only Granny Smiths are allowed- we then pluralise the one form of money that we use (like the inhabitants of that singularly-appled country saying then saying “I want apple” to mean “I want a Granny Smith”). The more you think about it, the less sense it makes.

The other curious thing is that in languages such as Italian their word for ‘money’ ( is plural and, hence, the word retains its count noun status. Could it be that the disaster of Anglo-Saxon banking comes from an overstretched abstraction and poor grammar?

Friday – After reading that Bill for Leeds councillors expenses tops the £2m mark in the YEP:

“While it’s good that Leeds City Council is trying to be more transparent, unless someone actually does something with the data they release what is the point? You can’t just drop a mess of councillor’s expenses figures on a newspaper that shuns analysis like  What we need is some number-crunching uber geek to actually relate these numbers to something – and this geek is currently ill!”

Saturday, after posting on a discussion on Charlotte Gore’s blog:

“What is it about the word ‘Libertarian’ that people think gives them carte-blanche to make up their own definitions for it. I’m happy to concede that the word ‘anarchy’ has managed to be degraded from meaning ‘a complex political system of independent yet co-operative parties’ to, well, ‘chaos’ – but at least people acknowledge that the word used to mean something else. With ‘libertarian’ you’d think Ron Paul himself coined the term.

Sunday – after watching a presentation by Joshue Klein on The Intelligence of Crows, on

“Couldn’t we use this same principle here in Leeds to stop pigeons despoiling all our old buildings? Why doesn’t someone invent a Pigeon Toilet that rewards the little buggers for being a little more hygienic? Surely, if we can teach them to navigate bombs and play table-tennis (seriously), we can get them to crap in a more appropriate place?”

Note: Tiberius fever had yet to break at this point. He also came up with an idea of a ‘Rat Bath’ – about which no more shall be said.

Monday – after reading The American Empire Is Bankrupton

“I wonder how far those twenty four tins of chopped tomatoes from Lidl I’ve got stashed in the basement will get me if this country goes back to a barter economy…?”

Tuesday, after reading Five arrested over counterfeit £20 notes in Leeds in the YEP:

“Isn’t it funny how much of a fuss is made when some scally-wags from South-West Leeds make five thousand pounds worth of twenties, yet when the government start ‘legitimately’ printing money to the tune of , what? millions? Barely an eyebrow is raised in the mainstream press.  I wonder which, in the long run, will have a more devastating effect on this country’s economy?”

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  1. It seems that troughing Fabian spends most of his communication allowances with Serif Systems Limited.

    According to Companies House he was a co-founder of the company with a 50% shareholding.

    Who owns the shares now?

    I’ve tipped off the YP – let’s see what they do with it.

    And yes PI internet seem to be a related company.

  2. Hi Charcoal,

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    I had a little look through our Fab’s expenses earlier today but so much has been blocked out it’s a joke – why the hell are we not allowed to know the product name of Hamilton’s new £439 wardrobe? What about those of us who are looking to redecorate our homes in Fab-chic and want to know what to buy?

    Needless to say I will be writing to my MP to complain…oh.


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